I've made a game where you're shown a random unicode character and have to guess its name.


I used Elm on Glitch to make it.

@Nocta that's weird! I'll look into why the server is setting that header.

@christianp I think the header is not set on the contrary, I have an error telling me that the inline script is blocked in developper console

@Nocta I've set it to use Glitch's default server for static files, and tested on Chrome. Which browser are you using?

@Nocta ahh, I have a feeling there's a setting deep in firefox about script security. I mustn't have it turned on, because I don't get the error. I'll move the CSS to a separate file, anyway

@christianp It's fun. Two issues I had: first hovering over the character tells then name, not sure if that's intentional, second I lack some fonts. It would be nice to be able to skip if I'm missing a glyph for some codepoint.

@bremner hah, I thought I'd got rid of the hover text!
You can't detect missing characters in CSS or JS, so just consider it a team game of you and your browser against the Unicode Consortium

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