Mathematicians: the first step in solving a problem is to write your problem out in the simplest terms you can.

Also mathematicians:

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@tpfto I don't think I'd mind if every third object in mathematics was called a watermelon

@christianp now I'm curious about what other mathematical terms/concepts there are that borrow food names

@christianp I remember a conference talk on the proof that braid groups are linear. The presenter explained that his proof would use "forks and noodles," and went on to clarify that "noodles" are embedded arcs that represent certain cohomology classes, and "forks" are, ", what you use to detect noodles."

(I sort of regret the tone of this comment, which could be interpreted as mocking the speaker's style. It was, in truth, one of the most exciting conference talks I've ever been to and it's no surprise that elements of it are still burned into my brain 20-or-so years later.)

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