Here's something you can do without thinking, assuming you've had the same realisation I've just had:

Write down a multiple of 2¹⁰⁰

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@mur2501 I should have specified: write down a number as a sequence of digits

@christianp My first thought was \( 2^{101} \), my second thought was probably what you're thinking. An interested starting place to create a possibly interesting puzzle.

CC: @mur2501


@jsiehler straight in with the trivial answer. Love it!


@christianp getting straight in with the trivial answer is my career

other more different answer 

@christianp For the record, I also see a nonzero answer. I often teach how to recognize which rational numbers have terminating decimal expansions – and if you wanted to show that 1 / \(2^{100}\) terminates in decimal, this trick it a good way to do it.

@christianp I guess it means that a googol has 100 zero's at the end in both base 10, base 5 and base 2


@christianp Took me a second.

If anybody is looking for a hint, a multiple of 5¹⁰⁰ is another easy one.

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