oeiswhack: enter a short, meaningful, sequence of integers into, returning no results.

I think this is probably the best oeiswhack I'm ever going to get

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Here's what it means:

I have a process that begins by picking a number N, and totting up a total T that begins at 0.
Repeatedly do this:

* add N to T
* if N divides T, add 1 to N, otherwise subtract 1
* if N is 1, stop

I searched for N where the process stops

@christianp I've only given this two minutes thought as I'm currently a bit busy, but for those numbers where you claim it does not go to 1, do you have a proof? Are such proofs quite general?

@ColinTheMathmo the behaviour depends on (N, T mod N). So if I get to such a pair I've seen before, it must loop.

@christianp ... and there are only finitely many possibilities ... fair enough. Seems easy enough to compute lots of values and sufficiently well-defined. Good luck with the bureaucracy of the OEIS ... be prepared to be patient.

@christianp the OEIS should have a sequence that is "the (lexicagraphically?) minimal sequence not in the OEIS"

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