I'm sure this must already be a thing, but I can't come up with the right google words to find it, so I've made my own:
A tool to take a subtitles file and a video and make a page showing the transcript alongside the video itself.

At the moment it just copes with Vimeo, because that's where the two videos I want it for are hosted.
Here's one of them:

I have a load of EAMS talks on YouTube, so I'll support that next

I'd like to know if this is worth having, and if it is, how it could be improved.
I'm particularly interested in accessibility: is it usable with a screenreader?

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@christianp Do you want me to ask about this on Hacker News? Do you have a blog post that explains it a little more?

@ColinTheMathmo I'm not desperate to incur the 'expertise' of the Hacker News crowd.

@christianp I could post it as an independent thing, not entioning you or the thing you've done, and see if anyone suggests something that exists.

@christianp I don't know if you'd necessarily like to look at either of them, but both youtube and khan academy have time-stamp-linked transcripts available if you'd like an implementation to reference

I also found these repos on github that might pique your interest:

@christianp hope it helps! none of the repos look particularly active, unfortunately

@acciomath interesting to see pipwerks in that list - I've been using the pipwerks SCORM wrapper for a decade!

@acciomath SCORM is an old protocol for managing the connection between a learning management system and an assessment package

@christianp this may also be useful for saving live Q+A sessions along with the video!

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