My level of French fluency is currently "write it, then double-check on google translate"

@christianp A lot of people's fluency level *in their first language which they speak natively* is "write it, then double-check with spell/grammar check tools."

@christianp So it's probably only sort of bending the truth a wee bit to say you write French like a native.

@christianp It looks to me that an operation of this sort is much easier when the languages concerned have common roots (e.g. Romance languages). It's a little stickier when the languages are a bit more distant (e.g. Spanish to Cantonese).

@christianp This vaguely reminds me of how when calculators first became commonplace people would do calculations on the calculators, then check it by hand., whereas now people do it by hand (if at all) and then check the answer on a calculator.

Not sure why I'm reminded of that.

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