Try to clear your mind and answer this as quickly as possible:

In a certain tower block, half the flats have a single occupant, and half have two. How many flatmates does the average person in the tower have?


@christianp Ah, I think I get it. Two thirds, right?

@christianp I think I know what the question is that you are asking, but I wonder about the term "the average person".

@christianp Indeed. With these sorts of questions it's hard to find an informal phrasing that's nevertheless accurate.

It's a nice question, though.

@ColinTheMathmo I'm happy with accepting a different answer if someone finds a different way to interpret the wording consistently.

@christianp This is part of a much longer/broader conversation wherein I find something odd, others can't see why I find it odd, and I can't see why others as as baffled as I am. I've never yet found someone who feels as I do about issue X, so it's obviously just me being weird.

I'm not complaining about he wording, I'm just ... odd.

But you knew that.

And it's a nice question.

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