(quietly assuming that the people who keep the server farms running are still going in to work)

.@christianp Seriously. They just became absolutely critical infrastructure, even more than usual. If we lose any part of the net now, it's going to be ugly.

@feonixrift @christianp To go working all day somewhere with constant downward HEPA ventilation, where wearing a facemask and loitering alone somewhere far from coworkers is _expected_..

@christianp on a matter asked elsewhere, heights of horses measured in hands are expressed as either n, n.1, n.2 or n.3 for a natural number n. It looks decimal but represents number of quarter-hands (inches). Would climbing route grades also fit the bill? Some systems denote them as, e.g. 5.13c, others as 8a+, both mean “pretty dang hard, but not quite the hardest conceivable”.

@chrisd thanks! I forgot to cross-post my question here. Will do now.

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