@christianp Nice. I wish there were a way to do the same at arXiv, but things are a bit too dense there.

What I use most often at arXiv does work at MathWorld though: mathworld.wolfram.com/search/?

@christianp That "One-seventh Ellipse" article is genuinely surprising and I don't at all know if it's just a weird coincidence or if there's something deep going on there.

@christianp I *have* known people who would try to fit an ellipse to that.

You get hyperbolas for both 1/13 and 2/13 (in both one-digit and two-digit blocks).

I'm less impressed with this now that I've thought about it since it mainly seems that the 6th point lies on the same quadratic as the first 5 due to symmetry, coming from digit pairs adding up to 9 or 99. But I'm still deciding precisely how impressed to be.

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