Just using my colourblind app to help me appreciate the beauty of autumn leaves 👍 😎 👍

@christianp "Eh, you're not missing much" is an understandable stance for a color blindness app.

@christianp omg, I think this might be my gender
do you mind if I ask some questions about the colourblind app? this isn't something I've seen before!

@christianp so I notice it sorta compares the colour it sees to a spectrum underneath. are you colourblind, and if so, does that information help you? either to sorta.. "see" it or communicate with others? I'm not 100% on how all this works

@quarky I have protanopia, which means my eyes don't pick up red light very well. That means I find it hard to distinguish colour combinations like blue/purple or green/yellow.
This app can give me a name for a colour, so I could use it to for example pick a green t-shirt instead of a yellow one.
It doesn't give me a sense of which colours go well together, or which colours look 'nice'.
I used to have an app which simulated what I see in realtime, but it was for an old version of android

@christianp I feel personally attacked by this color description.

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