@ColinTheMathmo do I need to get my mathsjam talk proposal in soon, or can I ruminate on it for a while? I've got a few things I need to pick between

@christianp You should be fine for some time yet. We've not had a huge flood of proposals, but the deadline is a few weeks away, and we haven't given any incentive for submitting early.

I might, in the next missive, try to create an incentive.

@ColinTheMathmo do you know how the scheduling is going to work this year? Will it still be that newbies are given priority?

@christianp Currently we don't have enough submissions to have to make that decision. I'd like to give priority to under-represented demographics, and to newbies, but it's not clear if this is really fair.

I might just literally choose at random.

So short answer(s) - no, and maybe.

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