The word 'hyperboligami' popped into my head this morning and now I need to make it happen

@christianp "To get started, go to your local arts and crafts store and pick out a few brightly-colored sheets of Poincaré half-plane."

@christianp No, don't listen to @jsiehler! Everyone knows that Klein Disks™ are the superior hyperboligami paper product! Unlike competing products, they fold along straight lines, and they actually fit in your hand!

@jeffgerickson @christianp Oh for heaven's sake, just buy yourself a high quality Möbius Transformation Adapter and put the silly tribal squabbles about competing standards to rest once and for all.

@jsiehler @christianp Sorry, Klein Disks are not compatible with Möbius adapters. Who needs to preserve angles, anyway?

@christianp there's a hyperbolic quilt pattern, based on the hyperbolic soccerball tiling. You can glue or tape paper together to visualize spaces of negative curvature, though knitting or crocheting works much better. I designed a construction set toy originally to illustrate spaces of negative curvature.

There's the origami constructions in Euclidean geometry (folding constructions similar to but more powerful than ruler+compass); can you do something similar in hyperbolic geometry? (Just checked, people do know about hyperbolic ruler+compass...)

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