I know there are people who complain about π Day and τ Day only working in a Month/Day format

Some time ago I jokingly introduced a contender "sampi":

ϡ ≡ π/2 ≡ τ/4

So at least we could dedicate 15/7 as Sampi Day (ignoring the zero), celebrating the angle of orthogonality. And there are several notable properties of ϡ that (arguably) aren't as elegant with π or τ...

Maybe Mathstodon should have on 15th July?


@btcprox that's exactly a week before Pi Approximation Day on 22/7.

@christianp hmm, would that be a bad idea for days for special constants to be that close together? Part of me thinks you can't have too much celebration of maths 😜

@christianp @btcprox I'm still not really on board with the idea that 22/7 should be called Pi Approximation Day when it's closer to π than 3.14 (and _way_ closer than 3/14 which is just not even close).

@andrewt @btcprox the approximation is more accurate and the name is more accurate

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