The RPN calculator I normally use was missing a couple of features, so I made my own:
I've written a bit about it on @aperiodical:

@christianp @aperiodical The one I use on my phone is Free42. It simulates an HP-42S and appears to be available on both Android and iPhone (I have the Android version). Because it's a programmable calculator it probably has some of the features you were missing, but obviously it isn't going to have the nice display of the current formula.

@11011110 @christianp @aperiodical If we're recommending calculators, I can recommend the one built in to emacs. M-x calc. Of course, that's a kindof useless recommendation, since if you wanted to use emacs you'd already know about calc.

@bremner @11011110 *weighs up venturing into emacs just to look at the calculator*.
Though being available when I'm not next to a PC is a big plus point for me.

@christianp @11011110 To misquote jwz, some people when they have problem, think "I know, I can use emacs for that". Now they have two problems. I am one of those people, I guess.

@11011110 @aperiodical thanks for that, but yes, the missing features for me were in the interface


This is amazing! I always found that RPN calculators were great for formula entry, but algebraic calculators were better for editing formulae. You've really begun to close the gap!

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