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Hyperbolica, game dedicated to Non-Euclidean geometry just released on Steam for pi day!

I'm in Matt Parker's π day video as part of the team failing to reproduce local hero William Shanks's by-hand approximation of π:

Just curious, how many digits of π do you have memorized?

Honestly I haven't really bothered going beyond 9 significant digits (3.14159265) since I doubt any manual estimate calculations I have to do involving π would need further precision, plus I know this truncation is rounded off properly (the next truncation that's also rounded off is 3.141592653589793, an extra 7 digits to tackle)

Ukranian conflict 

Among some of the volunteers recently reported to be killed in is Yulia Zdanovska, silver medalist for 2017 European Girls’ Olympiad

44 3/6


34 3/6: quite a lucky starting guess


33 3/6


So I know people have talked about optimal first guesses in , but are there optimal first guesses for ?

Maybe someone can generate all the 8-token equations that comply with Nerdle's rules and perform some info theory analysis on them

Random idea for a game (partially inspired by ):

Give the player a limited number of guesses to figure out a mystery finite set of integers \(S=\{n_1,\ldots,n_k\}\), given \(k = |S|\) and hint indicators for each guess \(S_j\):

- for each \(n_i\in S\), whether \(n_i \in S_j\);
- if all \(n_i \in S_j\), whether \(S=S_j\) or \(S\subsetneq S_j\)

Prior non-final guesses could be infinite sets to whittle down the possibilities, e.g. \(\{3n:n\in\mathbb{Z}\}\)

Found this YouTuber's personal take on -induced anxiety - well maybe more focused on (mental) arithmetic - and its roots in stress from early experiences in school:

Jordan Ellenberg reacts to some famous scenes depicting on-screen, both great and not-so-great:

(Bonus: he actually consulted for + showed up in one of the movies featured)

Article on Nature outlining a framework for mathematicians to use to discover insights. with case studies in knot theory + representation theory:

Yet another discussion on the origin of (discovered or invented?), this time involving William Shatner + Stanford U's Keith Devlin:

Celebrating 10 years of by examining the number 10 (and talking about friendly numbers) 🎂🎉

The recording of "The Great Big and Gameshow", hosted by Dr Tom Crawford on 13 October at IF Oxford, is out on YouTube:

"Irish Dara Ó Briain has received an award for his contribution to raising public awareness of .

This is an award that is presented each year during Maths Week – the annual all-island festival of maths and numeracy, which is currently running with events across the country and online."

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