A special Numberphile on the mathematical modelling of , using the so-called SIR Model. Once again Ben Sparks shows off Geogebra's capabilities.

Also good to see them practising physical distancing!


Desperately sad to hear of the passing of Richard Guy. A giant in his field, and a wonderfully kind man. It was a privilege to know him. Words can't express ...


"Mathematical myths have flourished throughout history: in this Chris Budd considers some of them, such as those around the Golden Ratio."


Finally got around to setting a dark mode for my notebook at work; can only take the glare for so long

Shame there isn't a way to make the rest of my critical applications dark themed

Approaching a month into my first job, and I'm already a little concerned of losing touch with the uni-level applied maths I dealt with frequently before, especially considering I want to resume a Masters eventually

Not that this job isn't mentally stimulating, but a lot of concepts I picked up aren't seeing much application in my scope now

But I imagine as I get busier, it'll be harder to frequently re-engage with maths due to being mentally tapped out after coming home from work

Quartz article from the President of Barnard College, about the problem of affecting Americans, and its link with math avoidance


14 Feb is no longer just , at least in :

"The Ghana Service (GES), in collaboration with the Ghana Society (GMS), has set aside February 14 of every year to be observed as National Mathematics Day.

This is to create awareness of the importance and use of Mathematics in everyday life."


Quanta article about Batchelor's law (basically describing a facet of how two fluids mix), and a recent paper detailing a rigorous proof 60 years after the law was proposed


Just to be clear, I'm merely interested in people's various takes on this question, not trying to prove any one's opinion right or wrong here! Heck, with a good variety of possible responses I probably would refine my own (currently weak) beliefs on this. πŸ€”

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A slightly different reframing on a recurring philosophical question about : what percentage of do you believe is discovered versus invented?

A week to go before my first day at my new (and first!) job 😣

Not exactly the job I envisioned getting into with my degree, but still a job that I think would grant invaluable industry knowledge, and get me over that "MiNiMuM jOb ExPeRiEnCe" hurdle

I do intend to get back into at least part-time MSc studies, but for now I'm for this ride the next couple or so years

From r/math: "Who are some lesser known mathematicians, and what are some of their accomplishments, or interesting facts about them?"


Interesting point that came up: popular can be pretty Europe/America-centric (or at least the history retold in English)

I did mention that I'd been trying out Roam for personal notes, but I'd caught wind that it's probably gonna be paid in the future ($30/mo maybe?).

For now, I'm switching to MindForger before I get too attached. At least that's a free local-first solution, letting me handle my own online syncing. And at least it likes Markdown better!


Interesting Quanta article explaining the "universal covering problem", aka finding the smallest convex region that can cover an entire set of shapes; even restricting to shapes of "diameter 1" still leaves a tough unsolved problem in


Just started trying out Roam ( roamresearch.com/ ), planning to copy old notes + make new ones + randomly journal thoughts: main appeal is the bidirectional linking & non-hierachical structuring of concepts, and I kinda wanna see how whatever ideas I collect might start connecting. May prove useful for future research/academia.

Roam is under free open beta for the curious. Stumbled upon in myself by a sorta sudden exposure through Twitter, though Roam still seems pretty niche.

For possible future reference:

\[2020 = 2^2 * 5 * 101\]

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