Study from University of Georgia suggests that parents' comments linking their children's performances in to their personal traits (e.g. "You're so smart") may be more detrimental than comments linking to actions (e.g. "Your worked hard"), possibly dampening their motivation and achievement over time

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Quanta article on a breakthrough on the negative Pell equation \(x^2-dy^2=-1\): proving a conjecture stating what proportion of possible candidates for \(d\in\mathbb{Z}\), would yield solutions \((x,y)\in\mathbb{Z}^2\)

Mathsy pet peeve: calling a number "infinite" when they really mean "having no terminating decimal representation"

Quanta article about recent mathematical proof that the Kerr solutions to Einstein's equations describing a rotating are stable:

"Oh yeah I've hung out loads of times within my group"

The group: \(\{0\}\)

Interesting TV episode I found covering a particular event in in the 1830s featuring a clash of wits between mathematicians in a village, resolved through a challenge posed as a Sangaku (geometric puzzle)

...if you don't mind the quirky premise of a time-travelling reporter "documenting" the scenes and interviewing the people without somehow causing paradoxes or being accused of witchcraft

"Computer Scientist Explains Fractals in 5 Levels of Difficulty"

(well explain in 4 levels, then discuss with an expert on their appreciation of , and possibly how to improve their accessibility to a broader audience)

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I watched "The unreasonable effectiveness of complex numbers in discrete math" by 3blue1brown last night.

Which I found quite fun. It starts off with what seems like an intractable problem, and the proposed tooling to solve it seems very wtf. But as the it progresses, it makes sense and starts to appear almost intuitive. Using generating functions, complex roots of unity and their rotational symmetry. #Math

Suzanna Galayda's lightning talk on " trauma", something she's familiar with as people often unload on her when they discover she's an educator of

New Numberphile video ponders the interesting challenge of coming up with "a number that nobody has thought of"

Do you think it's possible to come up with a set of "eigentoots"

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Marcus du Sautoy talks a bit about how OuLiPo, a loose collective of writers and mathematicians, sought to apply mathematical structures and patterns to and ; also discusses a little on the interaction between and

Quanta article about how a team of mathematicians recently managed to coax the Navier-Stokes equations into producing some non-unique solutions for certain initial conditions, exposing a weakness in the equations' modeling of physical reality

"We show that free-flying honeybees can visually acquire the capacity to differentiate between odd and even quantities of 1–10 geometric elements and extrapolate this categorization to the novel numerosities of 11 and 12, revealing that such categorization is accessible to a comparatively simple system."

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