is pretty great. Why have I been trying to do GIS stuff in just R for so long?

Just got back from seeing John Urschel give a talk. I didn't know Martin Gardner was such a big influence on him. And they say recreational math is pointless...

ah, so Sabine Hossenfelder has reached the "half-baked political opinions" stage of the academic life cycle

Support vector machines
All vector machines are valid

A Jewish friend was talking to me about how in the early days of Israel, people would give themselves new names in Hebrew, and some of these names were a little extra.

This came up because I own a copy of "Conformal Mapping" by WOLF OF THE RIVER

I'm trying to come up with a conformal map between a planar triangle and a spherical triangle that's reasonable to implement in software. The big problem is that what I have now involves the inverse of a hypergeometric function, which isn't closed-form for the arguments i'm interested in, and naively numerically inverting it is slow.

There must be a more sophisticated numerical algorithm to do this kind of thing...


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