new map projection i'm developing. using this on a whole hemisphere is too much distortion for quantitative purposes, but aesthetically this is pretty nice. it could be the logo of a pan-american NGO or something like that.

👎: abbreviating "if and only if" as iff
👍: abbreviating "if and only if" as if'n

a quadrilateral on the sphere having opposing sides of equal length isn't really a parallellogram, because there are no parallel lines on a sphere. such a shape that also has equal vertex angles isn't really a rectangle, because its angles are all >90°. you can in fact, have a rectangular triangle on the sphere, i.e. a triangle whose angles are all right

what to call such shapes? i should talk to my sister, she's an expert in the nomenclature of simple shapes. that is, she teaches kindergarten

Hypothesis: A Muppet Christmas Carol and Rare Exports are basis vectors which span the space of Christmas movies.

This plot I made earlier looks like The Great Wave off Kanagawa as reproduced on a broken copy machine

ooh spyder 4 is out, and it has a functional dark mode!

one feature I wish existed in numpy is the ability to name an axis of a multidimensional array. instead of axis 0, 1, 2, you could have axis 'sample_num', 'timestep', 'xyz'. broadcasting could look for axes with the same name, instead of using arbitrary broadcasting rules that I can never remember. the @ operator could become a form of einstein summation: multiply and sum over the shared axis names. this also makes the analogies between arrays and database tables more obvious.


practical ways i've found to deal with numpy arrays with more than two axes:
1. einsum
2. reshape it to the axes you actually need and then reshape it back when you're done
3. weeping, gnashing of teeth

Ah yes I'll have the macmac + maccheese +cheesemac + cheesecheese

is pretty great. Why have I been trying to do GIS stuff in just R for so long?

Just got back from seeing John Urschel give a talk. I didn't know Martin Gardner was such a big influence on him. And they say recreational math is pointless...

ah, so Sabine Hossenfelder has reached the "half-baked political opinions" stage of the academic life cycle

Support vector machines
All vector machines are valid

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