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I think it doesn't get discussed enough how people of different levels of technical sophistication authenticate the *origin* and *integrity* of stuff they see online (to say nothing about the *veracity*, a whole 'nother question)

Status: pondering the level of sanity of adding unit tests to my slides.

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Note to self: the reason you switched from to is because the latter doesn't require a local smtp listener.

I feel so modern. I remembered my phone but forgot my wallet. Alas, not quite modern enough to pay for things with my phone.

My little alien buddy. Could have had a career with Disney, if they were not so shy.

"Finally the Emacs users can get along with everyone else."
@cwebber does social anthropology. 😜

Watching @cwebber demo cool stuff written in , thanks to video streaming.

@dimpase I'm looking for interesting CPU intensive bits of python code (interesting in the sense of not just Fortran style array calculation). Do you think there are some libraries used by sagemath that might be good candidates for benchmarks / performance studies?

@cwebber @emacsen I was just listening to episode 1 of and I was reminded of the a puzzle I had about PDAs. In the "Newsflesh" series about the , PDAs play an important role. I was trying to figure out of that meant that they were still a thing (PDAs, not zombies) in 2010, or if this is some intentional or unintentional anachronism on the part of Seanan McGuire.

What is nerdier, mechanical keyboards or ham radio?


When writing recommendation letters, avoid 3 line letters that describe the candidate as "satisfactory". I mean, just tell the candidate you can't write them a good letter.

In an unrelated incident, please don't waste time saying that the candidate is amazing because they have a good GPA at your amazing university. Whoever reads the letter either already knows how amazing your university is or they will be some combination of offended and amused by your claim

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I'm looking at apparently inadvertent reply-all emails from the members of the "Senate Technology Services Committee". :hopper: save us all.

I can't tell if this octopus is angry with me, or just trying to blend with the sponge beside them.

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