True to the ethos, I'm going to try cocalc.com. It seems pretty reasonable to set up a plan that lets us try it out, and the collaborative latex editor seems OK. TBH I don't really understand "course plans" versus individual subscriptions, but I think it's kind of "pay what you can".

I do know that cocalc is definitely giving back to the free software tools it's based on.

Me, a prof: Oh no, I forgot a meeting with two new grad students, and now I'm at the pub.

Also Me: oh, here are the students, let me buy them a beer as an apology, even though they look more mystified than angry.

Also Me, 8 hours later: Oh, that meeting is on Mondays, not on Fridays.

TIL the French word . Doesn't that basically cry out for a cat-based meme?

I'm making my victims/students in a seminar course scribe in pairs. I'm not sure if I should prescribe a collaboration method, and if so what. Something web based I guess. Overleaf is fancy, but I think taking notes in \LaTeX is probably not ideal for \LaTeX beginners. Also, it's not free for actual collaboration. Some simple text pad?

PS. Too late to tell me this is a terrible idea, it's in the syllabus 😋

Richard Stallman 


TIL what subtooting is. No, I'm not going to tell you.

I propose supertooting, which is where you mention someone's name in a post that has nothing to do with them.

@aidalgol @technomancy

@technomancy @aidalgol Whoa. Thanks I was wondering that too.

Nice how some people have to be so passive aggressive about everything.

Me buying a ticket from a US carrier: September 11 Security Fee? WTH, today is September 17.

@kensanata He wrote muchsync, a tool for fast synching of databases.

nobody can stop me from time-shifting my toots via self-boosting


@gemlog Huh. "linux-firmware" doesn't seem to exist in Debian. I guess (from the logo) that it's an Ubuntu creation.

@gemlog Huh. Both the linux-firmware* packages I know about are pretty tiny. I guess you must be talking about something else.

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