@ttyS1 I was referring to the distributed ledger (blockchain) aspect of the protocol, but I'm not especially well informed on that topic.

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@ttyS1 Also, it's not just the installation process that concerns me, but also resource consumption, and privacy issues related to immutable logging.

@ttyS1 @zhenech Right. I guess I might be old fashioned, but for me needing to use docker is an admission of failure 😉

@ttyS1 @zhenech I wanted self hosted, and I already had prosody running to support jitsi-meet. I have not read great things about self-hosting matrix.

@sundogplanets Depending on where you are, there may be very specific rules defining evaluation for tenure (e.g. as defined by a collective agreement). Maybe sure you know as much about those rules as possible (no matter how dumb they might be in some aspects) and make sure you address all the points the overworked/lazy committee member is going to read straight from the rule book.

So I now have more active correspondents on than on Signal. Before the jabberati gets too excited, that amounts to saying 2 > 1.

@craigmaloney @cwebber Yeah, I'm pretty invested in Racket the scheme-like-thing for teaching, but I guess there are plenty of schemes that will work. Christine's tutorial which works in Racket or Guile is basically a compressed version of the second course where I use Racket.

@cwebber BTW, for people reading this, looking for a less-toxic-than-average venue for getting CL help, on libera.chat has given me an improved impression on the CL community. I think having "helping newbs" as a defined mission keeps even people who would otherwise be a pain-in-the-ass somewhat in line and helpful.

@cwebber I mean, SBCL is pretty great. And I say that as a self-identified schemer.

@forster @ehashman is not just someone on the internet, but someone on fedi!

@craigmaloney there is definitely prior art for that rocket propelled grenade.

Food, first world problems 

Uh, to be clear the issue is that I am a big fan of dark chocolate chips (see previous "wasabi peas and" episode), but not at all a fan milk chocolate chips. My closest to success episode has been using them in a sweet chili sauce, but the colour is kindof offputting.

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Food, first world problems 

Good news: I'm cured of my habit of snacking on chocolate chips.

Bad news: we now have several kilos of milk chocolate chips, and no idea what to do with them.

@juliank @b90g sounds kinda late stage capitalist distopic to me, so probably will happen. Note that it won't work for light weight, which is a big upsell for laptops. Related, I think touch screens are heavier.

@ashfurrow Of course now we are supposed to get torrential rain. My dog does not approve of either option, but at least with the downpour she gets to spend time on the covered front porch.

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