It seems to be a topic much discussed in the object oriented programming literature/blogosphere, where inheriting a square class from a rectangle class is claimed to be problematic. This mainly seems to have to do with mutating objects, so afaik not something geometers should care about, unless they are also Java programmers 😉

Those self-help books about "trust is hard" are actually about gpg.

@ink_slinger Oh no. Forgetting my watch will make my pants fall down!

@cwebber @bob @bhaugen "Image based computing" systems like (some) Lisps and (most) Smalltalk's are way ahead of you.

Subject: *Invitation - Announcement of the NRC-CIC Cybersecurity Collaboration Consortium / Invitation - Annonce du Consortium de
collaboration sur la cybersécurité du CNRC-CIC

✉*CAUTION:*This email comes from outside of UNB. Do not open any links or attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe.

@liw It's a good point. I already run multiple VPS's. I guess I could just even configure one as a backup MX, that's how this 1970s tech is supposed to work, right?

I run my own mail server, but for somewhat obvious reasons I don't want the "emergency" mails for that server to go to itself. What's a good choice of not-too-expensive backup mail service? I currently use gmail for this, but I'm not super happy about that (choose your own adventure/reason).

Dear sphinx-doc devs;

I know, I've been (still am) that dev who is convinced some missing feature is wrong headed and/or not worth the trouble. On the other hand, when there are multiple user extensions floating around with names like "fixed_only" and "sane_only", maybe it's time to reconsider how the 'only' directive works in sphinx-doc.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...
rackunit and Racket's submodule syntax are hands down the best test writing experience I've ever had

@gamehawk I use AntennaPod. I don't recognize any of those issues. It's even on FDroid if that appeals.

@kimreece more seriously, you're right, its definitely a milestone. Of course some PhD programs have course requirements too, so you never know

@kimreece Maybe write future-you a note about how excited you are to work on your thesis 😜

@kimreece Congrats! Is that "just" courses, or are there other hoops to jump through where you are?

@gamehawk Hostas are almost a weed where I live. I'm surprised to learn that something eats them. I guess that makes my town of 50,000 "urban" since we don't have roving gangs of bambi.

@yogthos A topological theory of programming languages? BRB, applying for a grant.

@samathy Look @JordiGH , people other than you that want to talk about D.

@JordiGH I hear "cannot be underestimated" surprisingly often. Which is also a challenge.

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