Is anyone using or similar to distribute videos for ? I'd basically like to be able to link to videos from my generated HTML and not have the students have to think about where the videos are hosted. I'm also interested in how much load running a instance would place on my server, but I guess that is pretty hard to quantify.


@jbauer I think for Gentoo beards (real or artificial) are mandatory.

voyager versus deep space neuf 

I sometimes use ` for possessive so I can type
$ git commit -m 'foo for bar`s flub'
Don't ask me why it's so hard to use " with git commit -m.

Of course I only do this for private "throwaway" repos tracking, e.g. marking a current class.

Either I have no video meetings today or I forgot them all. I'm good with either option 😜.

I mostly toot making fun of my University, but sometimes they do the right thing. Our Board of Governors just approved the immediate removal of the name of a slavery and residential schools [1] promoting judge from the Faculty of Law building. Details at [2]. Of course, we could have listened to the people people knew this was a bad idea in 1968 (according to oral history/gossip), but at least one thing got better in my lifetime.


@JordiGH Ah, what we anglos call Baja California πŸ˜‰

covid, privacy 


@bstacey I yell "Coward" in a mad-scientist voice, then fall off my chair.

@gudenau @PINE64 What is cool is I keep forgetting I pre-ordered a pinephone. Then there's a update and I get the shopping experience all over again. Finally a win for being forgetful!

@kaushalmodi @gudenau I guess the son will just be confused if you call them "Living-avatar-of- -Dunning-Kruger-effect cards", but maybe "dunning-kruger cards" or just "dk cards" is more workable.

I love this:

"A dependently-typed programming language with compile-time malloc/free determination"

What I love about these solo projects is you get this full-spectrum thing going on, theory and IR.

Dear Canada Post;

I understand delivery date estimation is imprecise, but I think we can safely conclude that this parcel will not be delivered by April 23, unless you perhaps meant April 23 2021.

funny as hell but CW for brief mention of us president 

Again and again, the ACM continues to be such an embarrassment, and it is clear that there is no existing professional organization for computer scientists that has an ethical backbone.

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