@11011110 It comes a shock to me also. Godfried was a mentor to me when I was a student at McGill and later. He'll be missed.

@loke @clacke @veer66
I think scheme basically works fine without symbols, so its not just homoiconicity

@azure I've been meaning to check out EoPL. I've been teaching (sortof) from "Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation" for yonks, I think they have roughly the same "let's write interpreters approach". OTOH PLAI is free, so that's nice for students.

@ColinTheMathmo I feel like RANCID needs to be backronymed in this context.

Dear ccv-cvc.ca;

I'm logged in with a password and username. Why are you making me complete a reCaptcha to prove I'm not a robot? If the bots have my passwords, I think we have bigger problems.

It's so easy to spend fifteen minutes doing nothing important, but very hard to spend fifteen minutes doing nothing.

why did the computer science student take 2 hours to order icecream? Show more

@mattskala that bacon looks suspiciously like anchovies. 🤔

@sir Do you happen to know if there is a public version control repo?

Automatic propagation of configuration is a great way to discover that my computers differ in important ways, or how I ended up with no /etc/resolv.conf.

"Price Change
Ticket price changed from C$1,545.17 to C$2,367.17. Because prices change often, we recommend booking now to lock in this price.". Uh, no. Good try though!

@blitz just regular RE. the IRE was cancelled, leading many people to get angry, as the name suggests.

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