@JordiGH To be fair, if the antecedent was true, the consequent most certainly would be.

@Em Uh. I blame fedi-discourse for the fact that I assumed you meant the cops needed alibis. All cops are meme-posters?

@liw The UK campaign is a bit of an unfortunate coincidence given that it is observed as Martin Luther King Jr. day in the USA.

Oh, I got it, via an issue on github complaining about the UI 😜. Press the ! in triangle thing that I thought was purely decorative.

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Dear fellow users:

How do I do the "content warning" style view-status buttons that I see on some people's posts?

coffee heresy 

@11011110 5 minutes is plenty to settle. I'm sure it's not to everyone's taste, but some suspension of cocoa is actually my goal here. Also, adding a smallish teaspoon of vanilla extract does not overwhelm the other flavours and (I think) brings out the cocoa a bit.

Wish me luck. Wind chill is -30C, but the dog doesn't care.

coffee heresy 

@11011110 I don't know about the "right recipe", but I currently use about 1/3 cup beans medium ground to 1 heaping teaspoon of cocoa powder. For water I'm not sure how big this French press is, at least 500 ml. I typically let it settle for at least 10 minutes, but that is more being easily distracted than any great design.

cyberpunk distopia, private armies. 

Clearly the answer is to arm corporate vehicles, rather than addressing the underlying conflict.



@brownpau It's an easy mistake to make. "Live with" is right next to "Die from" on the emojiboard.

@ehashman Your platform could include ignoring debian-private, or email more generally.

@brownpau Is anyone in the store wearing a Make Atlanticcanada Great Again hat?

coffee heresy 

@gnomon Yeah, it's not bad. I am drinking while the cocoa is still suspended, I find it quite drinkable without milk or sugar, which is a stretch for the decaf coffee alone. I guess the next experiment would be cocoa and hot water, not sure I can wrap my mind around that. Obviously "Oaxaca style" hot chocolate made from bars of chocolate and water is delicious, but that has more cocoa butter to (I think) emulsify.

coffee heresy 

Currently drinking decaf coffee brewed in a french press with cocoa powder. Now the and the can both hate me.

@alrs Hah. First email in 1985, first punk album (on cassette) more like 1987. I see a clear causal relationship with N=2. Let's publish.

@juliank Amber is the best. I remember the first time I learned that according to some misguided people light syrup is better. I mean, why not just put raw tree sap on your pancakes.

job hunting (boosts welcome) 

idk if it's allowed here, but i'm currently on the hunt for a flexible part time job (ideally no more than 16 hours/week, and should be at least £10/hour, or around that much, no less than £9/hour) that can be done remotely/from home, within the UK timezone (if applicable).

i'm mainly looking for jobs that are either:
- tech support
- technical writing
- frontend web development
- editorial writing (i.e. writing for articles)

so if anyone can help me out with this, that'd be great

covid19, us medical dysfunction 

@ehashman Currently dealing with a low grade cold. I estimate there are more health risks and certainly more aggravation from getting a test than just dealing with it. Too bad, cuz omicron worry is an opportunity to take the whingy mancold to a whole new level 😎.

Haskell fans: get rid of all of those annoying parens you weirdo lisp fan

Also Haskell fans: abs -6 is an error, you need to write abs (-6)

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