Just outside the cs and engineering library. They are single person rooms so I guess it was an easy change.

I can neither confirm nor deny being responsible for what I just discovered behind my desk.

There's some metaphor in the fact that almost everything on a coral reef is beautiful, but we don't see a lot of it unless we are careful and lucky. Without lights, this sponge has very little colour.

My little alien buddy. Could have had a career with Disney, if they were not so shy.

I can't tell if this octopus is angry with me, or just trying to blend with the sponge beside them.

On the plus side, it's hanging in the air about the reach of small children.

I found this photo studio looking for a restaurant in the back streets of Shimogamo, a genteel but somewhat less touristic part of Kyoto. I'm guessing the studio is abandoned, but it could just be owned by someone with a unique sense of style. The fading has given a monochrome look, but if you look closely you can see some green as well as the dominant magenta.

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