Pederson shrimp. I /think/ this is a female "pregnant" with a load of fertilized eggs.
These shrimp are famous for living in anemones (and not being stung) and for cleaning the parasites off the skin of fish who come and hang out at a "cleaning station".

I almost through this away, there was very little dynamic range or color in the raw image, and the focus is not great. A little fiddling with and it is a good example (IMHO) of why technical issues are not everything in photography.

Belize, Sea Slug 

Lighthouse reef atoll, Belize, April 2022. From a night dive.


I cropped it a bit because I could not get as close as I wanted without stomping in the flower bed. I'm not sure what kind of Bumblebee, it looked a bit like the yellow faced bumblebee identified at


Trying to learn how to shoot macro hand-held. Found a little bee, doing their stuff. Lots of pollination going on, go little bee.

Just jabbed, moderna after Pfizer biontech. No side effects in the first 5 minutes.

Spring comes relatively late to eastern Canada, so we are just enjoying the leaves unfurling on the trees. I still need some practice shooting macro handheld; the depth of field is a bit shallow at 12-16 cm shooting distance.

I have the feeling the laptop battery is not supposed to look like that

Selfie, ec sortof, covid adjacent. 

I will kind of miss this being the socially acceptable way to dress.

COVID, humour (?) 

OK, but vaccine for lying with statistics disease when?

Alc, beer festival 

In some ways having a selection of 24 regional beer is preferable to consuming all the samples on one day

Scary morning 

I felt slightly more sympathy for my dog who sometimes barks at inanimate objects after I was startled by this human shaped pile of blankets before my morning kovfefe.

Publishers, Rent Seeking, Rage inducing Web Site Design. First World Problems. 

There is of course, no "Send PDF to me by email button". Perhaps it's inside the PDF? Joseph Heller would be proud.

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