So I now have more active correspondents on than on Signal. Before the jabberati gets too excited, that amounts to saying 2 > 1.

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@zhenech @bremner nowadays i am more excited about matrix with its connectivity and bridges. (which i never expected; and i am not in the matrix fan club, but still)

@ttyS1 @zhenech I wanted self hosted, and I already had prosody running to support jitsi-meet. I have not read great things about self-hosting matrix.

I started using docker recently and this makes the initial install of matrix^Wsynapse much easier. If I would xmpp I would use prosody as I did in the past.

@ttyS1 @zhenech Right. I guess I might be old fashioned, but for me needing to use docker is an admission of failure 😉

@ttyS1 Also, it's not just the installation process that concerns me, but also resource consumption, and privacy issues related to immutable logging.

@bremner currently it uses 300MB with a few users, minimal cpu, but i just made a config change so I can check later on if it grows.
What do you mean by immutable logging?

@ttyS1 I was referring to the distributed ledger (blockchain) aspect of the protocol, but I'm not especially well informed on that topic.

aha, good to know I might check how it works I have no idea at the moment :)

the gateway drug part for me was the irc bridge with heisenbridge

@bremner @zhenech
i was like that, but I spun up an instance for experimentation and I was pleased with the results.
At work I provision VMs with ansible from a base image, but I can see some value with docker as well.

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