A *meta trap* is a pattern of behavior which affects toolmakers, where the toolmaker endlessly refines the tools required to do a job rather than doing the job itself. It is a form of procrastination which hides in faux productivity.

@ndpi I think this is the same behaviour often called "yak shaving".

@bremner It's a bit different. Yak shaving is when the chain of dependencies needed to complete a task leads you so far away from your original task that you may as well be shaving a yak.

The meta trap is when you're using the excuse "but my tools aren't ready yet" to avoid doing the primary task.


@ndpi But a typical case is the dependencies are tools...

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@bremner Yak shaving could be a meta trap, if you're inventing dependencies to procrastinate. If you're earnestly working through real requirements it's not.

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