CANPOL, Truth and reconciliation. 

What I did on my day off (AKA national truth and reconciliation day). I struggled with what to do on this day that was different from other "days off work". I'm a bit pessemistic of the benefits of many of the "official" activities. They generally feel more performative than likely to lead to real change. Late in the day I settled on some self-study activities. It isn't much, but each of these small things at least feels real to me.


CANPOL, Truth and reconciliation. 

Specific things I learned.

- Very basic stuff like names of first nations [1]

- Learned about the current state of the language. Seems fairly desperate in terms of fluent speakers [2].

- Learned about the Marshall decision [3]
and the life of Donald Marshall Junior [4].

- Tried (but stalled) [5]

re: CANPOL, Truth and reconciliation. 

@bremner was it an official, statutory day off in your province? cuz that's not the case in Québec

the commercial, English-language radio I was listening to mentioned it a lot, tho (with a mention of "please listen to I❤️Radio's podcast on this subject") and the large department store near my place of work was closed (and said they had closed other locations across Canadia)

re: CANPOL, Truth and reconciliation. 

@gohabsgo It's not a statutory holiday in New Brunswick, but I work for a university, and they decided to observe it.

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