USPOL, CANPOL, cringe 

Whatever you think of the current choices in the Canadian election, Justin Trudeau stealing the "build back better" slogan from the Biden campaign is cringe-worthy.

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USPOL, CANPOL, cringe 

@bremner the labour party in the UK have done the same thing.

USPOL, CANPOL, cringe 

@christianp I wonder, do they think we don't follow international news at all? At least in Canada it is pretty hard to avoid US political news.

USPOL, CANPOL, cringe 

@bremner I think the opposite: they want to be associated with Biden

re: USPOL, CANPOL, cringe 

@bremner FFS he's been PM for six years and hasn't managed an infrastructure win yet, why would he want to draw attention to that?

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