FSF, Freenode. 

This will hopefully be my last related post. Today the meets to decide if they will move their channels off of freenode. I won't attend that meeting because (catch-22!) it is on freenode and I already dropped my account. I hope that they decide to move, but either way I'm not moving any of my Free Software support (, , ) activities back. The FSF should meet Free Software where it is, which no longer is on Freenode.

re: FSF, Freenode. 

@bremner I just went to #emacs on libera, and the title says "formerly on freenode". I thought that means it's officially moved?


re: FSF, Freenode. 

@loke according to ops yes. But I guess the Emacs developers get to decide where, if anywhere the "official" project channel is.

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re: FSF, Freenode. 

@bremner Most of the developers aren't even on the channel. It's been a while since I saw a message from them there, so I'm not sure they should decide.

re: FSF, Freenode. 

@loke Agreed, I don't think will move in either case, but it would be simpler if the FSF would update their links than if we had to have some weird declaration of independence.

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