The amount i want is $100 each in five (7)pieces so that will make it a total of $700 I’ll be reimbursing back to you.When you get them,just scratch it and take a picture of them and attach it to the email then send it to me here ok.
And don’t forget to keep the hard copies for me . Thanks.

Computer Science

Boost if you think I should do it 😉

Hello David am sorry for late reply like I told you earlier that phones is not allow here so I have to take excuse
before I reply you so I want you to kindly go to store and get me those cards I told you if urgent and I have to get
it done immediately 

Computer Science

My credit card can't handle that amount. Can you send me the department
credit card number?

Hello David 
Am in a meeting now and I can’t call
You can get me (5)pieces of $100 iTunes gift cards and send the picture to me here on this mail  

Computer Science

@bremner Why the hell would they believe that your dean wants to be paid in itunes gift cards?

@JordiGH It's not the most implausible scam ever. The faculty sometimes give out itunes cards or equivalent for prizes to students. They also took the trouble to look up the Dean's correct office number and include that in the mail.

@JordiGH To clarify, the scam is that I'm supposed to believe the Dean wants me to do him a favour and buy some gift cards for some official purpose.

@JordiGH sortof. The scam seems to rely on replies, so it is, where first.last is correct, but is apparently a random email provider.

@bremner I got one of these from one of my advisors and, because I was looking at it on a client on my phone that doesn't show the actual email address, I called my advisor... who proceeded to explain the scam :P while I sort of threw a wrench in the plan by calling, I'm still kinda embarrassed I fell for it

@holomorph It's definitely the closest I've come to falling for an email scam. Don't judge me @JordiGH. At least not for that 😋

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