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Remember that time that they tricked 4chan into solving an open problem by rephrasing it as an anime problem?

I'm looking for a PhD student and a postdoc to work in my project "Distributed Algorithms for Fundamental Graph Problems". The main goal of this project is to design new algorithms with theoretical guarantees for fundamental graph problems, like maximum flow and shortest paths, in distributed models of computation such as the CONGEST model.

The start date for both positions is negotiable. Please contact me to find out more.

The recursive centaur: half horse, half recursive centaur


Hm, the developers who signed the statement asking for better governance without He Whom I Will Not Name seem to have been quietly removed from the private GNU mailing lists.

Not that I care too much about being removed, but kind of sneaky to have done so quietly.

LaTeX collaboration platforms

Conway has died.

People here might know him best for the "Game of Life", but he did so much more. The book about Conway by Siobhan Roberts is an interesting read about the man and his work.

Some will know Conway via is work on the Classification of Finite Simple Groups (with *many* others), some via his "Look and Say" sequence, while still others will know his book "Winning Ways", written with Richard Guy and Elwyn Berlekamp. My copy signed by all three is something I treasure.

Not one of my usual mediums, but it turns out that you can make some interesting things in Mario Maker 2. Here's Mario juggling five shells. Course ID: MQ2-MM5-MCG

What happens when both your UX and ergonomics teams are asleep when your "enterprise class" app gets pushed to production

Mathematics as a team sport:

What a week-long research workshop at Oberwolfach (or Dagstuhl, or many similar retreats) can be like. The workshop in the link is on low-dimensional topology, but the story would be the same for many other subjects.

Last week, instead of attending a Bellairs workshop, we all collaborated remotely. I think we got a fair amount of research accomplished, but I didn't have the same sense of all being brought together to do that one thing.

What happens when half a cellular automaton runs Conway's Game of Life and the other half runs a rolling version of Rule 30 pushing chaos across the border?, via

I wish I could see a larger scale of time and space to get an idea of how far the effects penetrate. If the boundary emitted gliders at a constant rate they'd collide far away in a form of ballistic annihilation but the boundary junk and glider-collision junk makes it more complicated.

Sorry if this turns out to be a silly question, but I couldn't find (or think of) an answer.

Suppose I add edges at random to a set of vertices until I have a connected graph. What is the expected number of cut vertices?

Mastodon always 'charges' you 23 characters for every URL you post. It doesn't matter if it is longer or shorter.
There is NO excuse for using URL shorteners which obfuscate your destination if you click - these usually go to fb or twitter, so I Never click them on purpose. They make my browser and I feel dirty.
Please tell your friends.

I make walking toys! They use a passive dynamic walking method, which means that they're powered by gravity not batteries.

Hopefully these toys will eventually become the core of a small toy making business I want to start. They're also a way for me to research bipedal locomotion in order to one day, if at all possible, build a real dynamic giant walking mecha that I can ride inside.

Follow me on YouTube to see my progress.

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