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Unique Fractions between 0 and 1, visualized in polar coordinates (2018).

I love this so much so I'm sharing it again.

Each fraction is a pair of numbers k/n, where k is a totient of n.
The denominator n is mapped to the radius n and the number k/n is mapped to the angle 2pi*k/n.

I conceptualized and created this with R.

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ladies picture this: you go on a date with your perfect man. he's handsome. he's smart. he's got juicy quads. he's a marxist-leninist. You go home with him to find a mint condition dxracer racing red gaming chair at his desk, wyd?

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please remember about the true purpose of radio technology

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*knock knock*

"Who's there?"

"Your mortality."

How do y’all stay on track and get back on your feet after you’ve had a bad week?

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diogenes of sinope would be on mastodon were he alive today.

he liked to:

- troll the academy
- crank his hog in public
- shit in public
- tell emperors to fuck off out of his light
- shitpost to random strangers in the street (trying to find and honest man with a lantern lol)
- loved dogs, thought people should live more like dogs
- probably smoked weed

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in case you wanna get an early start on tomorrow night's memes it's gonna be the billy ray cyrus tv show "Doc"

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position: -0.5280579413576221 + 0.6113061489356361i
pixel width: 6.623379408880551e-09

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same energy but everyone thinks I’m really into bdsm but I’m really just a dog trainer

@birdman Basically, does the *derivative* of a family of functions that converge to s have to converge to the derivative of s?

Interesting claim i came across in a research seminar.

If \( s_n \rightarrow s \) converges to s pointwise as n increases, then \( s’_n \rightarrow w \implies w \le s’ \)

“To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-8 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

Finally got a copy of Hungerford’s algebra :leibniz:

First day of real analysis was great, but how many times do you have to tell me “assume there are two then get a contradiction”

trying to decide if it’s worth it to continue math studies when i can just continue my theater tech career and never have to prove the division algorithm again

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And I'm still not over my angry that it was the so-called *left*, as much as the right, that completely bought into the 'competition and individualism are good for the soul, y'all, cooperation just makes you weak and soft' mantra.

I know anger isn't helpful and so I want to be over it. But I'm not, yet.

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I am still completely gobsmacked each time I think about Ayn Rand and realise, again, that there was a dedicated, organised movement in American culture since the 1950s to literally *call empathy and altruism evil*. To make people less loving. And that very high ranking politicians, businesspeople.... and religious leaders, who know and teach better... bought into it.

That stuns me. Still does. Every time.

How. How did that happen? How did we let these people, this ideology, run our society?

In arizona we get huge, thunderous nightly rains in the late summer. Leaves the air ten degrees cooler the next day. The air’s so dry normally that you can feel your skin soaking up the moisture

diablo three has stolen tens of hours this summer. the alternative? going outside into the sonoran desert. No fucking thank you

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