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Unique Fractions between 0 and 1, visualized in polar coordinates (2018).

I love this so much so I'm sharing it again.

Each fraction is a pair of numbers k/n, where k is a totient of n.
The denominator n is mapped to the radius n and the number k/n is mapped to the angle 2pi*k/n.

I conceptualized and created this with R.

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Quick question...

I've seen somewhere a question about (fib)²+41 always being composite, but my search-fu is failing me.


It’s so cool approaching application deadlines and having a small sense of confidence in my own abilities. I actually feel like if I found my way into a research team, I could actually contribute

Any school applicants on masto?

What’s your timeline looking like this year?

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A win for privacy: Court has ruled that forcing someone to reveal their password is a violation of constitutional rights against self-incrimination. 😀💪

Here's how we protect your Tutanota password and your encrypted mailbox:

Gotta thank my friend for lending me his GRE Math Subject test study book. Looks like I’m gonna have to review a lot of Calc 2 and Complex...
Even as a math major I never wanted to see this many integrals 😩

Got to describe a favorite theorem of mine today — D_n / Z(D_n) isomorphic to D_(n/2) for n even.

Love being in a class where everyone’s motivated and hanging out to study.

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Today in #mathematics news: Sir Michael Atiyah will apparently be presenting a proof of the Riemann hypothesis on Monday.

Conference website, no details:

Shared on :birdsite:

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ladies picture this: you go on a date with your perfect man. he's handsome. he's smart. he's got juicy quads. he's a marxist-leninist. You go home with him to find a mint condition dxracer racing red gaming chair at his desk, wyd?

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please remember about the true purpose of radio technology

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*knock knock*

"Who's there?"

"Your mortality."

How do y’all stay on track and get back on your feet after you’ve had a bad week?

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diogenes of sinope would be on mastodon were he alive today.

he liked to:

- troll the academy
- crank his hog in public
- shit in public
- tell emperors to fuck off out of his light
- shitpost to random strangers in the street (trying to find and honest man with a lantern lol)
- loved dogs, thought people should live more like dogs
- probably smoked weed

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in case you wanna get an early start on tomorrow night's memes it's gonna be the billy ray cyrus tv show "Doc"

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@birdman Basically, does the *derivative* of a family of functions that converge to s have to converge to the derivative of s?

Interesting claim i came across in a research seminar.

If \( s_n \rightarrow s \) converges to s pointwise as n increases, then \( s’_n \rightarrow w \implies w \le s’ \)

“To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-8 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

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