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...cute animal tweets like this are (one) reason why I'm not ready to abandon birdsite fully yet:

2017 me, emerging from DeLorean, to 1995 me:

So, this new 'Pentium' chip, turns out the whole 'speculative execution' road is a bit of a mistake. Yes it makes Doom faster but 22 years later all our computer systems are hacked each week by gangs of roaming cyber-criminals wearing vintage 80s micros as cosmetic jewellery on their leather jackets

1995 me (stuck in E1M2): Got it, Doom will get faster

2017 me: Did you even hear a word I said? I said the 80s are going to be fashionable again.

Math-y landscape art,

via :

"In 1982, 11,000 people planted 11,000 trees on an artificial mountain near Ylöjärvi, Finland forming a mathematical pattern based on the golden section. The project was conceived by the artist Agnes Denes and the site is legally protected for the next 400 years."


"Fredrik Carl Mülertz Størmer is known mostly as an accomplished mathematician and physicist from Norway, but as a side hobby he was also an amateur photographer, taking to the streets of Oslo with a bulky camera secreted in his clothing to capture candid moments of unsuspecting passersby. "

Cool! in the wild

@thelibrarian Totally unrelated: Is that avatar of yours the heroine from Marjorie Liu's Monstress?

"Meet Mastodon" by @webinista

Fantastic, no-nonsense introduction to Mastodon and the fediverse. Lots of good advice on privacy, security, and how to choose your instance.


That kind of social context sounds like a very instance-specific thing.

I am not sure if I see how the Fediverse could have any fundamentally different kind of social context (especially, *more* context) than Twitter, except contingent on the fact that it is currently much less populated.

AFAIK instances can block other instances or ban users or go private, but then its no longer about the context of Fediverse as a whole, but again, particular instances and their policies.

I already forgot where I originally found this, but it was a fun read:

Melancholy Elephants by Spider Robinson

#sciencefiction short story on the topic of public domain and copyright.


I never left Twitter either!
But it's easier to have discussions here on Mastodon IMO, so I check both Masto and Twitter now.

And I hope that *eventually* a federated service (Mastodon or something else) will become popular.

also, it is in line with The Verge's dismissive attitude that they misspelled it as "Mastadon" ._.

Mastodon is lumped into a “fad” category of apps in this article by The Verge:

What you think?

Have most on here migrated back to Twitter, as claimed by The Verge?

Personally, I never left Twitter to come over to Mastodon, so I have a door in both camps still. The reason I used IFTTT is because I've always wanted to try IFTTT for something and this felt like a fun way to try it out. :P

Other crossposter scripts / bots (that @mareklach linked to) are probably technically better / possibly also easier to use, but I like my "own" solution. :-)

I might write a proper write-up of my solution later, but short description is as follows: all (public?) posts of Mastodon users are available as an Atom feed (similar as RSS feed ).

IFTTT provides an applet that can poll any RSS feed, react to new items in it if they contain a certain string (in my case ), and then (for example) repost them to Twitter.

Okay, I guess I'm done with "hacking" masto/Twitter ifttt bridges for this evening.

(also I feel a bit like a filthy casual, using ready-made services instead of writing my own code)

Okay, it appears IFTTT can't handle boosts correctly. I guess I'm fine with that.

I love the concept of "accidental renaissance". It's just... so good. Example: (photo by Joel Goodman)

...I still need a proper avatar, but at least this one is a bit more colorful than the default one.

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