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@ColinTheMathmo "mom I unplugged it because it was smoking" ... literally. Fantastic engineering, folks.

Recently I find I've been using _brexovid_ to mean general bad things

Prime again, happy birthday to me! Ah, it's the only prime halfway between the previous and next prime (unique assuming I'm between 6 and 156)

In the term "Bach cantata", each "a" has a different pronunciation.

the 5 minute altercation, or the full half hour?

So when will we know? The suspense is almost unbearable. They say it could be today! I am getting so nervous, waiting. Waiting for \(\LaTeX\)ML-0.8.5 release, of course, what else would I mean: github.com/brucemiller/LaTeXML

Indeed, some do miss the point in their pursuit of generalisation!

But I'd love to hear your background to the other example, as to me the "not divisible by 2 or 3" version seems more aesthetically pleasing as it is an if and only if, right?

I think you can generalise that: it's true for any constant, not just that cosine :-D

Good question... Something with a fixed view and no lag.. hmmm.. let us know what response you get! I find for collaboration as opposed to teaching we each share a screen and write in parallel. Often using OBS rather than the actual screen share facility. But for a class of more than 4 (technically minded) students that wouldn't work!

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