Football's honeycomb
It's honeycomb
It's honeycomb
It's honey—

I wonder what the normal amount to donate is…

*looks at sign*

OK, so that's £21k over 13 years, so about £1500 a year, which is £30 a week, and it's busy now but there's a big off-season so…

I know it is, that's why I come here instead of having beer delivered.

Some proper mansplaining happening in the Birdsite replies 

“hey so i thought about this for all of ten seconds and personally” (‘personally’ means ‘I am couching my hypothesis as an opinion so you don’t get to disagree’) “personally i have my own, much dumber idea which i will be very upset if you dont immediately accept it as fact”

You can say “they used a trick [noun]” to ‘explain’ any magician’s performance, whether or not you have the first clue how they did it.

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