People from Mathstodon: if you want to share your maths with people from other instances, keep in mind that LaTeX rendering is only available on a browser, and for people also on mathstodon.

If you still want to write formulas, mathstodon can be used to export LaTeX to unicode, like \sum to ∑, \prod to ∏, and so on.

Just click on the Tab key and if your equation can be rendered using unicode it will be transformed.

Example: ϕ(x)=∑ₖⁿ xᵏ

It's not perfect, but you can see it on a phone app!

intro ! (fr) 

bonsoir masto !
- je suis un mec trans autiste et fol de 18 ans.
- j'aime les langues, les maths et la justice sociale.
- je suis en prépa mpsi (surtout pour les maths et l'info)
- je shitposte et j'écris des threads trop longs sur des langues mortes, donc prépare toi.
- j'utilise beaucoup la fonction d'avertissement de contenu mais si tu veux que je marque quelque chose en particulier dis moi !

intro ! (en) 

hello mastodon !
- i'm an 18 y/o autistic trans guy.
- i'm passionate about languages, maths, social justice and equity.
- i study maths and computer science (and physics when i have to) in french so-called preparatory classes.
- i shitpost and write long ass threads about dead languages so get ready
- i use cws quite extensively but if you want me to flag something specific do let me know !


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