I literally cannot wait to dig into this!! It's what I've been wanting!

Considering complex numbers. Those functions can actually be e.g. exponential too. As in the solution of a LODE.

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I have a polynomial.
I have a periodic function.
Aah, quasi-polynomial.

anyone into "constant time multi-precision arithmetic"? wondering how RSA sign should look (with gmp) in constant time (with/without CRT)... and is powm_sec and blinding (generate random,multiply - and multiple with inverse after mod_exp) are orthogonal, or should be done at the same time? (err, could be done for even further mitigation). any help appreciated :)

My partner, reading over my shoulder: 'computing the number of ... circles which are squares? what?!'
Me: 'it gets better, they only counted the number of circles that were squares of circles, not the ones that were squares of other things...'
Him: *shakes head, wanders off*

why 0! = 1, and why not (−ℕ)! 

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why 0! = 1, and why not (−ℕ)! 

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why 0! = 1, and why not (−ℕ)! 

probability theory question 


Hello all. I'm a mathematician and a free software advocate. I've been using #Linux since forever, and I live in #Emacs. Decentralized social media is why I'm here.

@abs @amiloradovsky I heard Sussman talk about working on the book, and all the mistakes and bugs they found in classical presentations, precisely from the ambiguous notation.

I had some thoughts and examples around why it's fun to do math in the biological sciences. It's a fun time and I wanted to share with people some good examples of interesting math in action


Category theory 

• Positive (incl. 0) numbers, ordered by subtractability, ≤.
• Integers, ordered by divisibility, |.
• Measurable sets / probabilities, ordered by inclusion / entailment, ⊆.

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