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Hi there,
Can't help noticing that I am having a hard time finding fediverse accounts about my domain. Any chance you know people talking about #AbstractInterpretation, #StaticAnalysis, #SymbolicExecution, #SMT solvers and #FormalMethods in general?

Thanks in advance!

Not that I have any immediate use for it, but the Muller C element is a pretty cool and nifty device. (it was new to me at least)

#entertainment #logic #circuits #asynchronous #electronics

These diagrams show the paths traced by Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as seen from Earth.
Source : Fermat’s Library

The day will come, when I'll finally grasp the proof of -invariance of (co)homology. But not today.

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IMU Committee for Women in Mathematics now has a newsletter

The first issue of the twice-yearly newsletter from the International Mathematical Union Committee for Women in Mathematics has been published. It contains an interview with Marie-Francoise Roy, news, upcoming events and a book announcement (World Women in Mathematics 2018). Download a copy of the CWM Newsletter here.

Just found GeoCoq. I like the work they did here, very nice and in principle should be a great resource to draw on.

So far it seems difficult to find the llemas I need for things. They might be a bit overly general (even for a 2D Euclidean library). I'll need to see if it's something to get used to, or if I'll need to wrap it with some easier to utilize library. In either case, I'm excited someone else has translated Tarski to #Coq !


@amiloradovsky Or building on a richer background. (which is sort of the same thing).

I sometimes say that some proofs have a dead cat under the carpet - it doesn't matter where you push it, it's still a lump, and it still smells. However, if you can push it into work that was done earlier, it makes *this* proof much better.

Shorter proofs usually simply mean more missing pieces.

I'm collecting terms for the sort of geometry I do at work: 2D CAD geometry on a stack of overlapping planes. So: 2D, Euclidean, classical, layer geometry, ... Anyone have other terms that would apply, even if only partially?

Cc @amiloradovsky

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