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Got my first offer for grad school! Extremely happy to hear back officially. Now, to wait for the others.

i was out to dinner with an australian friend one time, and we got to arguing whether it was monday or tuesday, and in the course of the argument she grazed my hand while making a gesture and we both blushed and anyway that's when i realized this wasn't just dinner with a friend anymore... we had crossed the international date line

I just put up a new blog post describing my new arXiv preprint, "Counting Polygon Triangulations is Hard", to appear in June at the Symposium on Computational Geometry in Portland

Going beyond the Golden Ratio - this post will repay several visits. It looks gentle, reads well, and goes way beyond anything I've seen before on this topic while remaining readable:

László Lovász has agreed to allow the ~5000 researchers of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) to be separated from the academy itself ( And an open letter ( asks him to resist pressure from the Hungarian government to dismantle the MTA's research centers and place researchers under "direct political control". I don't know enough to tell whether today's agreement is resistance or a concession, but it warrants continued attention.

The concept of starting a PhD at ~23 seems crazy to me. I barely just got a year or two of research experience and I'm supposed to start some grand project on which I'll work on for the next ~5 years ? And yet, going in without completely knowing what my PhD will be about seems unreasonable as well. The more I speak to PhD students the more attractive the idea of going in the industry for a few years before starting a PhD becomes.

I made some t-shirts!
Would it be worth me putting them up for sale on a print-on-demand site?

NGC 6302: The Butterfly Nebula

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, HLA; Reprocessing & Copyright: Robert Eder #APoD

_Problems with a Point: Exploring Math and Computer Science_ is a new book of mathematical essays from Bill Gasarch and Clyde Kruskal, based on expanded and cleaned-up versions of Bill's blog posts at the Computational Complexity blog. See the post there about the book, blog.computationalcomplexity.o, and the publisher site, for more details including a table of contents.

Hi everyone. I have a master's degree in Mathematics and computer science and I love mathematics and numbers. I am interested in number theory, algebra, cryptography, mathematical analysis and the history of mathematics. My life is connected with teaching children mathematics, programming and creating mathematical puzzles for them. Although I'm not a strong mathematician, but I try to cope with complex mathematical problems. I'm also a free software enthusiast.

The Computational Geometry Week Optimization Challenge ( is a contest to solve a hard problem in computational geometry, finding a simple polygon of minimum or maximum area with a given point set as its vertices. The challenge instances should be posted very soon; I don't yet see a deadline for providing the solutions but I imagine that it would be similar to the deadline for the rest of the workshop it's part of, June 11.

Karl Bringmann and Kasper Green Larsen have won the 2019 Presberger Award for outstanding contributions by young scientists in theoretical computer science, to be presented later this year at ICALP. See for details. The award laudatio appears not to be ready yet but committee chair Jukka Suomela writes that it is "for their groundbreaking work on lower bounds" (

growing in Université de Versailles. I like to work there 🌱

Got my first offer for grad school! Extremely happy to hear back officially. Now, to wait for the others.

Proud teacher moment 

The final question on Exam 1 in my physical science class is always "Name an actual living scientist. The scientist can't be fictional, dead, or your professor." (For 0 points)

I was glad to see that many of my students wrote their own names.

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