Painful lesson of the day: whenever you want to find a stationary point of a function, first make sure to study thoroughly whether you want to find a minimum, a maximum, or a saddle point.
This will probably spare yourself some time trying to minimize a function that has a saddle point but no minimum.
(yes, that's what just happened to me, and I won't tell you how much time I spent on it for it is way too long)

Mais maintenant j'aimerais réussir à dormir s'il vous plaît (si c'est pas trop demander)

Peut-être aussi qu'en inspectant les modifications faites avec Git je comprendrai ce que j'ai fait (si ça se trouve j'ai mergé un correctif sans le savoir).
(béni soit le contrôle de versions)

Peut-être que quand il sera une heure un peu plus appropriée au travail je comprendrai mieux.

Bonjour mon code vient de tomber en marche et je ne sais pas comment j'ai fait.

Tfw your nice hypothesis to explain an annoying sign error proves itself to be wrong

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Imagine being a top mathematician working on number theory, continued fractions, and stochastic processes, and only being remembered because of dumb chatbots. #markov

Pros of not being a doctor:
Being able to instantly identify as such any spams referring to me as "Dr Lastname"

[insert generic complain about ffmpeg]

Now, let's make some pretty CFD[1] gifs.

[1] Colorful Fluid Dynamics

Mathematics are mildly functionning.
One trick is to understand not to teleport objects in a middle of a fluid when making simulations.

Disappointed by the lack of functioning of mathematics.

I have to write a report about my pre-doctoral internship, and I have no idea how to introduce my research subject without also introducing a shitton of intermediate notions.

TIL that the command to renew my Let's Encrypt certificates is actually very simple and not at all complicated like I previously thought:
certbot --nginx --renew-by-default

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I've been working on this bug for so long that now that I've resolved it I have to look at my past notes to know where to backtrack

I just discovered what my lab's logo looked like a few years ago, and... wooaaah

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