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Our neighbors have this great purple scheme going on with their house and plants

the pillars of creation aren't even that good. i could create way better pillars easily.

What would a revolutionary post-apocalypse look like? Rid of the systems of policing, military, the rich- what world could we build with our scattered tools? I want to see THAT post-apocalyptia, not the endless deathmatches of warlords with little discernable goals

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White fediverse go 5minutes without starting a harrassment campaign against a Black user challenge

Seriously, Enough. Is this not so much more than past fucking enough? If you're not Black it's surely childishly obvious that you have NO useful or valid 'critique' or commentary to give on a trans or NB pride flag for Black people–it's not our business, it's not our place. Have some basic respect and decency. Give your support to folks whose lives & struggles you can't understand or Just Shut up.

If Black Lives Mattered on here, centering their voices and an acknowledgement of the complexity of their lives would be the daily task
Black Lives Matter always, even when they self advocate.

No one finds it mildly ironic that BLM but “here, be in the corner of this flag that took me two seconds to mock up, bc I dont really care abt your representation bc that means that its not about me and that is the real violence”

We were non binary before colonialism & we were during & we are NOW

this kind of resume design always cracks me the fuck up. who says “yeah i’m 60% good at coding just about,” in real life. like visually it’s pleasing but it tells me nothing, don’t do this

For many fans everywhere including the #fediverse, the news of Grant #Imahara passing away at the age of 49 is truly heartbreaking

He was involved in
#Mythbusters, #StarWars, #Jurassic Park, The #Matrix, #Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines just to name a few

me: time to clear up my netflix list, I'm never gonna watch any of these shows! better watch the trailers to see if I'll like them

also me: oh wow, this is a good trailer! I should watch this next! but first, let me clear out my list some more. oh wow, this is a good trailer! I should wa

I wrote a thing on my (mostly tired) feelings about #InternationalNonbinaryDay (and other queer days of visibility). I'd love for a lot of people to read it. zigg.com/2020/the-drain-of-sel

For fuck's sake can we please just let Black people exist here and go about their day without having their throats jumped down by people sticking themselves in the way with petty critiques and cheap potshots making the atmosphere nasty through badly thought out takes and opinions that were entirely unnecessary in the first place. It's flung over literally every single day here like an inexorable march of punching down white bullshit and I'm ashamed of the lot of you that think that's appropriate

an actual neonate: *has no fucking clue whats going on*

capitalists: greetings, client

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the capitalist healthcare system is so fucked up that my nursing practice questions go as far as switching the word "patient" to "client", even if said client is a newborn

americans literally just dont know how cheap medicine is in countries with functional health care systems

When is Eugen going to implement geocaching into mastodon

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