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Classic Animal Crossing Tip: Let some turnips intentionally spoil to get yourself some ants spawning for the Museum! 👌

They really upgraded the ants to the next level in New Horizons... #ACNH

Hornsby is just if a masto shitposter were an animal crossing character

Zoom warning 

my typing quirk is making a moderate amount of spelling errors

I figured out how to make freckles, and also a new sweater #acnh

Hello friends! Hope y'all are doing well :)

I'm currently procrastinating my butt off on work that's due tomorrow o.o;;

Turns out governments can just write a big blank check and make money appear out of thin air.

Turns out most of the shit we were getting paid fuck all to do was pointless busy work all along.

Turns out the people doing the most important work are the ones getting paid the least.

Turns out they can house the homeless overnight if they have enough motivation.

Turns out they can just cancel evictions and rent hikes.

Its very interesting to see what is considered a "crisis" and what is not.

the fact that census workers in nyc get paid 28 dollars an hour is a good sign that that’s what the minimum wage should be (at least in big cities)

We need to kill the stereotype that non-binary people are just "girls, but not really!" or "genderless femmes"

Plenty of people out there need to learn that non-binary is an umbrella term for a lot of things, and restrictive nb stereotypes exclude *most* nb people

There is only one space bar for all of Europe, that's why they had to make the European Space Agency, to manage it

me patting u on the back, affirming that everything is going to be ok

personally ill be waiting for trans day of invisibility. when i can steal a bunch of shit.

tech, gamer chat bad 

every time I see a shitpost making fun of "ML" i have to carefully parse it to determine if in this context it's Machine Learning or Marxism-Leninism. usually takes at least two re-parses to confirm

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