Masto feels like it moves simultaneously too quickly and yet too slowly. My brain is unsatisfiable, I guess.

@acciomath Hey so you just made me realize I could change my UI for the better, I think, by making heavy use of lists and unpinning the home timeline. Sort all my followers so each is only on one list - atm thinking by post frequency more than topic?

So I could have like, the infrequent posters to the far right, with the always posters to the left?

@acciomath I don't know the other tools ot find those names and also don't wanna have to add people to lists by searching so I won't do this but! it could be cool.

@emsenn That would be cool. That way the slower posters wouldn't be overwhelmed by some of the more prolific users.

@acciomath There's this one person I follow who I /never/ see their posts anymore - I only saw one because I accidentally followed them from another account that doesn't follow anyone.

Makes me bummed, I like their posts!

@emsenn Completely relatable. At this point I've taken to searching some of the names of people I follow whenever I reach "peak masto" in my cycle of interest to make sure I still see posts.

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