Hello friends! Any resources (YouTube, blogs, books, podcasts) to recommend re: recreational math?

@acciomath The youtube channel, and Matt Parker. Chalkdust magazine is also worth looking at.

My website has stuff as well.

@ColinTheMathmo Ooh, those are good channels! I've also really enjoyed 3blue1brown and Mathologer. Chalkdust magazine sounds cool! What is your website? You don't have it on your profile.

@acciomath Possibly the bast link to start with is this one:

There's a mixture there, I'm working on having free-tags to make it easier to find stuff.

Here's one puzzle:

@acciomath Enjoy! I have another ...

I have a fishpond with vertical sides and a flat bottom, and it has some water in it. I have three identical cubes, and I want to put them in the pond to make a platform.

I put the first one in, and the water rises by less than 12 cm. I put the second next to it, and the water rises by exactly 12 cm. I put the third next to them, and the water again rises by exactly 12 cm.

How far under the surface is the resulting platform?

very bad puzzle attempt Show more

very bad puzzle attempt Show more

very bad puzzle attempt Show more

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@bmreiniger @ejk @ColinTheMathmo Those are great channels that I love! I am heartbroken over Infinite Series ending :(

@acciomath She is the only reason I understand logarithms. 3blue 1 brown is the only reason I can REMEMBER how to do logarithms.

@acciomath has lots of stuff in the archives, and the Gathering 4 Gardner YouTube account has videos by some of the greats

@acciomath I second so many things on this list and add The Quanta Science podcast. Not all of the articles are mathematics but there are some fairly regularly. It’s just someone reading an article to you, but I find them accessibly written and I really enjoy it.

@Vanessa That looks pretty neat! The latest episodes seem to have only been released in January, though.

@acciomath oh! You’re right. I’ve been going through their archive and hadn’t noticed. Oh no. I hope they haven’t stopped. Their articles in general are great, but I most love being able to listen to them.

@Vanessa I sure hope not too! I do enjoy reading their articles (even though they are extremely long)

@ThierryJoffredo Well, if I ever get around to learning French, I'll definitely check it out!

@acciomath Sarada Herke's series on Youtube on graph theory and discrete maths. Just look up her name.

@acciomath Well, to be honest, I don't know how recrearional that's intended to be. It's just high quality lessons presented as a web series of short videos for popular consumption, maybe I'm biased towards the topic and I found her series enjoyable at their level, because they could be considered "recreational" compared to the very arid textbooks on the same subject.

@h Well, I can always take a look and then back out if it ends up over my head :)

@h I've had almost no time to give them a look yet, sorry 😅

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