@ZevenKorian I want all the PowerPoint transitions in beamer as well -- especially the typewriter one with the sound

ok, listen me here

a latex paper where the title is a rotating 3D gif

the formulas are marquee

and it has dancing skeletong gifs all around

@JordiGH Thinking about attending JordiGH, don't think I can sleep tonight after taking a 5h nap... :⁾

At one point i will have to tackle the homology of the projective space

The complex one is nice and uwu but the real one has uhhh weird groups

Only example i know where a homology group can be Z/2Z

also, I...

I not only used proof by contradiction

I used proof by /several contradictions/

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I want to think I cracked this problem open

it's a small problem where the idea is clear but the details are haunting

@ZevenKorian yeah
used as an unambiguous and clear way of expression operator application in the SECD paper

This is what I get for streaming Doom.

Uh, thanks, @saadazim for the fanart.

that's why we have manifolds, stratifications AND fractals as active fields, because everything can come in handy

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ofc as you get more roughness, it's harder to work and compute

there's always a trade-off between complexity and fidelity

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