the fact i can do this kind of illustration by myself, for free and having no idea about illustration

tikz is amazing

i just did what every good mathematician should do

**generealize because why not**

so if you introduce invalid arguments (constant polynomials wrt the variable where you want to make the resultant) it just throws cryptic errors

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imagine being so influential you can call your results "excellent" and people will 100% roll with it

you know that condition that turns presheaves into sheaves? I called that "reconstruction". Looking for a better name. Compatibility? Stability? I don't want to use coherence because that's a very specific word lol

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I came here thinking "when will the rabbit hole of papers end??" and this is not even a paper

tfw you go so deep into a chain of papers you end up in a proper book

if you draw that out, you will note that it looks like the ripples emanating from the point \(q\). For example, here you have some images of what happens if you consider the equidistant of an ellipse:

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