today I'm writing a latex code that can write out the resultant of two polynomials in determinant form because I'm tired of getting it always wrong for some unbeknownst reason

seems like you need to implement arrays as a data structure by hand

this is the fastest "ok let's do it in mathematica instead" in the wild west wouldn't you know it: while there's no hardcoded function to generate it, mathworld just gives you the code to implement it yourself

imagine if mathworld casually gave out ALL of the mathematica code but only in these entries


so if you introduce invalid arguments (constant polynomials wrt the variable where you want to make the resultant) it just throws cryptic errors

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@ZevenKorian it can be fixed, since Eric hadn't written it to gracefully handle constant polynomials: (This reminds me that I should write up that method for Bézoutian matrices...)

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