I came here thinking "when will the rabbit hole of papers end??" and this is not even a paper

tfw you go so deep into a chain of papers you end up in a proper book

"hannah what is the attachment"

oh sure i wanted to say they just gave me this wall of formulas in PAGE 2


the more i read the more confused i am by the choice of notation

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math.tifr.res.in/~publ/studies here you can have a look it feels like someone managed to convert a latex PDF file into epub and them back into PDF

if you ever got books from archive.org into a kindle you know what I'm talking about

@Breakfastisready i smiled when I saw it was written on latex despite it being a book from 1966

but then i grimaced when i realised how clumsy the typesetting is

I sometimes consider being able to tolerate shitty typeset something that can improve career prospects in mathematics.

Maybe I should add that to my CV 😅

@Breakfastisready i see your tolerating shitty typeset and I get it up to

being able to rewrite them all fast in latex but with good typesetting!!

(I wish but I can sort of keep up taking notes in latex during a lecture -- I had to do that while recovering from a wrist injury because I couldn't write with a pen)

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