slowly mastering the ancient art of using singular for everything in true "fuck mathematica" fashion

*cocks nerf gun* *points at non-reduced schemes* last words loser?

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i wanted to define a frontal version of the marar-mond formula but the source double point curve for the swallowtail has a quadratic factor ahaha

at least i found out what an ordinary triple point is so, yey?

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when you try to use the milnor formula in arbitrary singularities

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> Karl can write (30:1cm |- 0,0). In general, the meaning of
(〈p〉 |- 〈q〉) is “the intersection of a vertical line through p and a horizontal line through q”.

the tikz manual is a doorstopper of epic proportions (3100+ pages!) but chapter I is better written than anything i could dream of doing

oh nvm i forgot cusps only matter when you're a filthy frontalist like me

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kinda wonder how you remove the number of cusps from milnor's function tho

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took me half an hour to confirm that no, cusps do not contribute towards the delta invariant

first year of phd: woah those diagrams am i right everything in cattheo are fancy projections or something

third year of phd: ah yes i could use a few more ways to write the letter \(p\) right now

me the other day: hey remember how the cartesian product is basically a direct sum in the finite case, i wonder how they change in infinite cases

*one hour of set theory and axioms and descending chains later*



in other news: i love how stuff that is trivial in commutative algebra is like, suddenly much messier in non-com

the space of mono-germs is basically just \(N\times P\) times the space of polynomials up to order \(k\) dismissing constant term, so what you usually do is to consider the surjection \(\alpha\) that retains the base point in the source

this basically allows you to disregard permutations of the multi-jet

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