choosing two illegal primes for an RSA private key
can't legally break this encryption

not sure if this has a name but i¡m trying things like "multi-stalk"

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does the definition of stalk of a sheaf work if i consider a finite collection of points rather than a single point?

tbf knowing derivations are basically the same thing as vector fields it's not much of a stretch to imagine how you construct such a coordinate chart

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"given a derivation \(D\) non-singular at \(q \in\Omega\) (so like, \(D_q\) is not \(0\)), we can find a coordinate chart for \(\Omega\) around \(q\) such that \(D=\partial_{x_n}\)"

i will take that for granted

THAT BEING SAID when I understood what a finite mapping was it also clicked why they are so important relative to coherence

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the appendix literally starts out explaining what a presheaf is and basically stays in the comfort zone of the sheafs of analytic functions but still

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"I took a lecture into sheaf theory once. Thought it was an interesting construction. Read an appendix on coherent sheaves. Realised my mistake"

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why is it a harpoon anyway

why not even a full arrow

why did i even consider category theory to be something fascinating at some point rather than a collection oh hacks

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I thought for the longest time it was just the vertical bar you use for restricting a mapping

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easy enough when inline but try subscript: \(_\upharpoonright\)

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thank god we have digital PDFs nowadays because imagine guessing what \(\upharpoonright\) is

next morning: i no longer process stuff as germs and stalks, but for how long?

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that big brain moment when you understand the difference between \(\mathcal{S}(U)\) and \(\mathcal{S}_{\upharpoonright U}\)

2 hours of sheaf theory later: I have a desk lamp on, and my brain just processed it as "a germ of light source"

nothing like actually sitting down and taking notes on an article like you were attending a lecture

i actually UNDERSTOOD stuff this time around

Woke up this morning feeling a bit anxious, from a dream where I had to verify the Jacobi identity of a Lie algebra with eight generators and a rather complicated structure constant...

I fear no one

but that thing?


it scares me

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