I was wondering, how does one get into a new field of research? I'd like to try many, but who is going to trust someone with no experience?

Maybe not mathematics in the strict sense, but nonetheless fun to read article:
The Dissemination of Culture
A Model with Local Convergence and Global Polarization
by Robert Axelrod.

I think articles about modeling social behaviours are really fun to read, any good blogs / articles about that?

I recently learned about Ologs, which are basically "category theory for normal people". These are very useful for knowledge representation. I am now in the making of a blog post about how to make them and how to translate ologs to Haskell code.


Hello everyone, seems like I found a new cool instance.

To introduce myself, I am a French person living in Sweden, I'm interesting in functional programming, maths, arts, and the humanities. I also like long walks and tasty warm beverages.

\(2 * 3 = 6\)


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