Pretty upset that no one told me about group theory until I was 30, it is absolutely blowing my mind.

Turns out getting a 50 inch print of the fractal art I have been making was a great idea.

Sharing a few more images from my study on tilings.

For those that are interested in the details of what is going on here, I am building off the work of Bob Hearn (and others) which he presents here:

I'm in the process of wrapping up the exploratory/art phase of this project, so I'm sharing a few of my favorites.

Time to start the formalism and get some papers written!

I have been investigating tiling patterns that can be generated using the system I am studying. This image is based on 8 fold rotational symmetry.

Here’s my

I’m a mechanical engineer by trade, and designed many components for various Macs over the last decade. I recently quit my job in order to return to school and obtain a PhD in math.

I find geometry fascinating and make Rubik’s-cube-like puzzles as a hobby. Last year when trying to answer some open questions regarding these puzzles, I was introduced to concepts I had never been exposed to. During that exploration, I simply fell in love and decided to dive in head first.


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