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It is year 2028 and Linux has been completely rewritten in Rust.

After adding Rust support to Linux kernel in 2021 Linux repo has been flooded with patches and pull requests from brave Rustaceans rewriting critical components in Rust to ensure their stability and memory safety that C could never guarantee. After a few painful years of code reviews and salt coming from C programmers losing their jobs left and right we have finally achieved a 100% Rust Linux kernel. Not a single kernel panic or crash has been reported ever since. In fact, the kernel was so stable that Microsoft gave up all their efforts in Windows as we know it, rewrote it in Rust, and Windows became just another distro in the Linux ecosystem. Other projects and companies soon followed the trend - if you install any Linux distro nowadays it won’t come with grep, du or cat - there is only ripgrep, dust and bat. Do you use a graphical interface? Good luck using deprecated projects such as Wayland, Gnome or KDE - wayland-rs , Rsome and RDE is where it’s all at. The only serious browser available is Servo and it holds 98% of the market share. Every new game released to the market, including those made by AAA developers, is using the most stable, fast and user-friendly game engine - Bevy v4.20. People love their system and how stable, safe and incredibly fast it is. Proprietary software is basically non-existent at this point. By the year 2035 every single printer, laptop, industrial robot, rocket, autonomous car, submarine, sex toy is powered by software written in Rust. And they never crash or fail. The world is so prosperous and stable that we have finally achieved world peace.

Ferris looks down at what he has created once more and smiles, as he always did. He says nothing as he is just a crab and a mascot, but you can tell from his eyes… That he is truly proud of his community.

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Prochain exposé sur un sujet triste, le #stalkerware (les logiciels utilisés par les harceleurs en utilisant le meilleur outil de surveillance qui soit, le smartphone).

Le logiciel présenté, TinyCheck, sert à détecter si le smartphone est compromis.


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Dans la série des nouveaux #RFC sur #HTTP sortis cette nuit , on notera le RFC sur la nouvelle version de HTTP, la version 3, la première qui abandonne TCP en faveur de #QUIC.


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4 fables de La Fontaine détournées pour sensibiliser à la cybersécurité

L’occasion de vous présenter la dernière campagne de communication de Cybermalveillance.gouv.fr, en collaboration avec l’agence The Pill, qui a retravaillé avec humour et créativité 4 des plus célèbres fables du poète français.


#cybersécurité #infosec #communication

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Révolutionnaire : le nouvel iPhone n'aura pas de chargeur. Du chargement sans fil ? Que nenni : il n'y aura tout simplement plus moyen de charger le téléphone. Plus besoin ! En effet la nouvelle batterie tiendra la durée de vie totale de l'appareil pour la plupart des clients !

Comment est-ce possible ? Écoutons le CEO :
— Le chargeur, mine de rien, ça prend de la place dans l'iPhone. En l'enlevant on a pu ajouter d'autres capteurs. C'est innovant.
Mais comment avons nous fait cela ? C'est simple : on a pris le problème par l'autre bout. Faire des batteries qui tiennent longtemps, c'est compliqué, surtout avec un outil bourré de capteurs très gourmands. Mais on a remarqué un truc : la plupart de nos clients achètent le nouvel iPhone dès qu'il sort. Pour que la batterie tienne toute la durée de vie, il suffit de sortir une nouvelle version toutes les heures !
Je vous invite d'ailleurs à la cérémonie de lancement du nouveau n+1 dans une heure ! Préparez-vous pour encore plus d'innovation !


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ugly parser hack 

From an old Donald Knuth paper, discovered a scheme for implementing operator precedence that was used in the first Fortran compiler:

Just do a search-and-replace of + with )))+(((, of * with ))*((, etc., then put ((())) around the whole thing. More parens = lower precedence operator. Since this is purely textual preprocessing, the compiler doesn't need to know about operator precedence after that. Surprisingly, it actually works!


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- You are not supposed to use your nose when speaking
- Years of conjugating verbs yet no real-world use found for Passé simple
- Wanted to have complex grammar rules anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called Latin
- "Nous allâmes au restaurant et fûtes très ravi mais le serveur voulut que je payasse avec carte" – Statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged

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​:catblob_hug_blahaj:​ Local users: tag me if you want a custom emoji!\\ "i like how hannah is the only one still using the signature mod" -- chjara ​:catblob_hug_blahaj:​

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Tournage de l'épisode aujourd'hui 👍Ce n'est pas ma partie préférée dans la conception d'une vidéo mais heureusement ce n'est pas la plus longue non plus.

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La FSFE publie aujourd'hui une #LettreOuverte, co-signée par 38 organisations et entreprises européennes, qui demande au législateur européen le droit universel à installer n'importe quel logiciel sur n'importe quel terminal, incluant un accès total au matériel : fsfe.org/news/2022/news-202204

#EcoConception #RightToRepair #UpcyclingAndroid

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Can you show that
\[f(x) := \lfloor x\rfloor\]
is the sum of two periodic functions?

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because I have so many new users coming #mastodonTips #mastodon


1) in addition to a bio, consider also making an #introduction / #introduction post also check this tag to find people who are also new and their interests

2) communitywiki.org/trunk is a wonderful place to find people who are active. it is human moderated. if you decide to stick around and have the bandwidth to do so, consider joining a list to welcome others as well.


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more early observations on rust

- there are two kinds of programming languages, lisps and fortrans.

lisps are made of mathematical objects in platoland. you can never run a lisp program, because platoland has infinite spiritual resources, and you can only run materially incarnated code in broken-ass hardware with very finite resources. writing a lisp feels like you're writing abstract thoughts, and a piece of software simulates platoland on your computer, the way Dwarf Fortress simulate the real world (mostly accurate but every so often it misses a law of physics or you add bartenders and now the cats are disappearing).

fortrans are a notational convenience for giving instructions to computers. like not the hottest platoland gadgets like Turing machines or lambda calculi, but the kind of overengineered crap that capitalism gives us, Pentiums and whatnot. they're still called Pentiums, right? or are we already in Hexiums? anyway these computing machines have bags of bits you can flip with a certain latency, a buncha caches, and a set of commands that let you flip the bits. some of the bits are flipped or read by monitors and mouses and whatnot.

problem is the computation processing unit brains are very smooth and thoughtless and can only understand very repetitive language, which gets tiresome to type again and again. so nerds started making editor macros to avoid typing the same things a hundred times for the ditzy computer mind, and then added a buncha grammar checks while they were at it. these abbreviation extensions for emacs are called fortrans.

Rust is a fortran. the basic problem it deals with is that the computers we have are slow to flip bits unless you know in advance how many bits to flip. but often you want to decide on the spot, like suppose a girl is keymashing, we can't predict in advance how many characters we'll need to reserve for the keymashing. (this is unlike platoland machines, which always have infinite characters to spare, and whether you know it in advance or not the speed is the same; about infinitely fast). moreover the ditzy computer brains get very confused if you try to use some bits to save up the keymash, and then somebody else tries to save flower emojis in there.

Rust solves this with the power of ownership kink. Every bit has to state who is its owner. If somebody else wants to use the bit, it has to borrow from that owner. Before the performance is shown to the computer, a crab comes and checks whether all the little bits have been borrowed properly. This ensures that all the contents the computer gets are things its little mind can handle.


I feel like so far there's 2 kinds of attitude towards rust in my social circles:

- people who love it, and
- people who are coming from a lispy perspective.

in the latter category, some people are aware of what rust is trying to do, and they hate it. they just generally hate programming computers in general, and would rather program in platoland and run a simulation, abstracting away any details of what their Pentiums are doing. people who have this taste will never like Rust, and in fact will never like any fortran.

but I also feel like some people never tried a fortran before, and it's not very clear what a fortran even is meant for. their programming background was all lisps (like python, javascript etc.), then they hear about how trans girls love rust and, what's with trans girls being from the future, figure there must be something neat about this one. then they try to understand rust with lispy perspectives, and it's impossible to figure out what it's trying to do.

what it's trying to do is to flip bits around the stack and the heap of your Integrated Electronics Pentium programmable transistor brain. if you look at it from this perspective, the reasons it does all that kinky stuff suddenly make sense.

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Did you know there are centralized alternatives to the #Fediverse?

They are great!
Instead of being developed by volunteers for the community they are developed for millionaires with the sole purpose of getting them more money and influence over the "users".

They contain ads and algorithms, so you don't have to decide, what you want to see, but you get to see what makes you addicted, so you view more ads, buy more stuff and thereby support the capitalist system that we all love.

Instead of anonymity you get to enter your phone number and other form of identification, which totally helps against hate speech, right?

I could go on with advantages, but I think it's best you check them out for yourselves.

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Finished making this #crochet dragon yesterday. Took a while to find a stable pose with the weight of the huge wings

Hi, I'm a french math student and computer science enjoyer, hello everyone !


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