I came here to whine and shout into the void bc this was the first site to came into mind for that
my anxiety is getting worse with the semester starting soon and that makes me like... unreasonably prone to lashing out. Especially to close friends. So I have no idea wtf to do now with that bc I'm always afraid I'll be rude
and if I'm not afraid I'm probably rude already
so I'm just going radio silence on our Discord server for a while

@grainloom So that's why I could never really figuew out the difference

@grainloom Those two overlap a lot I think. Honestly I was a bit weirded out like I didn't know you as someone who has this opinion

@grainloom YES. People dying is horrible period. Also I think I kinda missed the irony in the OG post and I'm sorry.

@Silverrpent yeah, people can try to romanticize wars and the military all they want, but that doesn't change the fact that wars are horrible

@grainloom with about a shitton of people dying, troops destroying crops and causing famines and burning towns and cities to the ground... I either disagree or something flew over my head

groundbreaking research unearths new evidence to support the revolutionary claim that "essentially, you don't need to be an asshole to be funny"

now the researchers are investigating whether the conjecture "and being an asshole doesn't improve your jokes either" is true, but they predict it is, and point to the heaps of empirical data that already supports the claim

@grainloom Hm, LastMan is something I don't know. Didn't want you to go into this without knowingwhat to expect

@grainloom Fair warning, it's very NSFW, it is kinda-horror, has some gore and blood and everyone swears like a sailor. And the plot is a wreck. But it's fascinatingly crazy

@grainloom Hey with other animation, are you familiar with MFKZ? I saw it recently and it's pretty interesting

to rant
So I am in a group of writers, and some of them write sci-fi. And those some are like... "yeah I care more abt the fiction side so idgaf about science"

apparently I'm the only one bothered by this

it looks like someone's writing a bunch of aliens, who came from a planet nowhere near Earth but look exactly like humans except purple. Sure, convergent evolution is a thing but not this much.


sooo I'm back

cout << Silver.mentalHealt;

I'm skipping my classes. Fuck it, I'll earn something tomorrow, but today, I'm not one for human interaction. I'm doing stuff alone, and will come back to it later.

(from DM convo with @Silverrpent)
if trains are bad, why is there a :trainpats: emojo?
checkmate, atheists!

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