okay. Seriously contemplating on skipping Haskell, idk if it'll happen, but @grainloom I think you should know. I feel exhausted and like I don't know a thing, and I need to study because Tuesday is a bitch and I'm behind on most things. I'll prob grab a coffee and decide afterwards. and eat chocolate. I have chocolate.

@grainloom Okay. Nevermind. I'll study in the evening or night. Drank coffee. It helped. Prob will drink tea and coffee at night and stay up and do stuff

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@Silverrpent yays, ur here! :blobuwu:
sorry, i was messing with my OS and couldn't log in for a while (and then i fell asleep)

@grainloom ok, sleep is healthy ^^ I'm in class rn, can we hang out sometime? doing whatever.

@Silverrpent ye, altho not today, I have some exam stuff to get ready for by tomorrow


@grainloom kk, good luck with the exam!i have one on the day of the fries. What abt Wednesday, when is it ok for you?

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