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"In bocca al lupo" means "in the mouth of the wolf" and it's basically italian for "good luck".

The traditional response is "crepi" or "crepi il lupo" which means "may the wolf die".

This is my absolute favourite idiom.

I'm having a very heckin proustian reaction to this malt loaf. I'm 6 and I'm at my gran and granddads house.

My local sainsburys is shut on Monday, so as a mark of respect I'm doing a big shop on sunday I guess?

The brexit vote, several tory governments, the immense popularity of the sun newspaper, The Queue .... Living in the UK is just one long scream of "what the fuck is wrong with all these people!?"

Anyone else often feel the urge to shout "This is a high class bureau de change!" every time they walk past a bureau de change?

Hey duggee 

OK so happy's mum is an elephant and Ethel is an elephant. But... are they the same species? What's going on? Ethel is huge compared to happy's mum. Ethel doesn't speak but happy's mum does?

Just realise that "to confer" and "to have sth conferred upon you" are quite different in meaning. Are there other good examples of where the transitive and intransitive versions of a verb have such different meanings?

How do you pronounce SQLite?

I love that cut and paste is called kill and yank in emacs. Just unbelievably goofy.

Clipboard manager? No! Kill ring!

Brainstorming what to do with Disney IP:

"OK ok. How about a live action remake of little mermaid? Has this got legs? HAS IT GOT LEGS? dear me, what am I like... "


Racist takes on the upcoming little mermaid film are played out. Who's ready for some ageist takes? How is Halle Berry playing the young ingenue at her age etc and so on.

Or how much mileage is there in "this film is ginger erasure"?

Please, I need to have a controversial opinion about this film

Social media site that posts one new message per minute, and posting to the site just means pushing to the queue of messages to be posted.

Two options: per user queues or, more radical, more interesting, a global queue. Maybe with some feature to let posters who haven't posted for a while jump the queue...

It's absolutely nuts how poor support for svg is. Like, I downloaded an svg from wiki media and it won't even display on my phone.

Byzantine Empire revivalists with their Make Anatolia Greek Again hats...

What will you be doing to mark the queen's funeral? Oh I'll be at home looking after my son because his nursery is shut. Much respect, very mourning, wow.

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The irrationals are those exactly those reals that are a different distance from every rational.

And then they go "the virgin random forest vs the chad grid search for random forest parameters".

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