Do I want to apply for a job where you don't know which box to put in the information that the job is a dayshift job?


Interesting snippet from the Wikipedia page for sneakernet. I wonder what the numbers are like now...

They also use "persist" as a transitive verb to mean "make something persistent". Ugh.

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Oh it's great we have all these keyboard shortcuts, online library ebook service, but you know what I really want? A keyboard method to, you know, move the page down, or move the page up. Maybe you could map them to the PAGE DOWN and PAGE UP buttons...

We have wild strawberries growing like weeds on our driveway, so I decided to try propagating them! I took a few of the bigger plants and tried to pull them out with at least some of their roots (not very successfully). Then I searched out some of the healthier looking runners and cut them out and planted them too. Let's see what happens...

There's a few things around the house that remind me of our years living in Germany. This is one.

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